Rita Anderson

Rita uses her skills in financial matters to manage the church finances, keep accurate records and reports, oversee accounts and ensure payments of operating expenditures.

Dee Reed

Dee serves the congregation by performing administrative functions of the church which includes maintaining church records and executing communication on behalf of the church.

Deacon Board

Deacons serve as a model in ministry and a leader offering guidance and direction for many aspects of a church’s mission, purpose and priorities.

Associate Ministers
Ministers Robert Steiger, Jameel Yates and Joseph Pate work in a trusted relationship with the church to help implement the vision and mission of the church as set forth by the Senior Pastor and board of trustees. 

Board of Trustees

The trustees shows evidence of their leadership, in the areas of stewardship of assets, property maintenance and legal requirements.

Lady Barbara Barleston

Women of God
Lady Barbara leads the Women of God ministry to the women of our church and our community as they grow in faith. The ministry connects women with the resources, support and encouragement needed to strengthen their relationship with God. 

Media Ministry
The Media Ministry, Donald Bolden and Thelma Pate, glorifies God through the use of technology by providing technical support for worship services, records events and sermons, which are made available on DVD. 


Dontrell Kelly, minister of music is responsible for developing and promoting

the music ministry. He and musicians utilize

their talents to lead the congregation and choir during worship services.




Sanctuary Choir
The Sanctuary Choir encourages, uplifts and inspires the congregation with songs that function as prayers or exhortation in worship.

Women of God